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 Hello Trees for Schools

Pocket-sized books about trees for EYFS and Key Stage 1

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Pocket-sized books that help with outdoor learning about trees.

Written with 4-7 year-olds in mind, but even teachers find they learn, too!

Useful resource for National Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Nature Science.

'Hello Trees' books make outdoor learning a walk in the park.


Exploring trees in the playgroundAboyne1
Ideal for working in pairs



When Mrs Whiteside, Year 3 teacher at Aboyne Lodge Primary School, St Albans, saw Kate Bretherton's 'Hello Trees' pocket-sized books, she realised how useful they would be to introduce her class to the trees in the school playground – and to cover elements of the  ‘Growing Healthy Plants’ topic in science.

Mrs Whiteside asked Kate to take a walk with pupils round the trees in the school playground. She and Kate chose four trees to study. Each child in the Year 3 Class was paired with a younger pupil in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Each pair was given a table of squares to pencil in a sketch of the leaf, bud, tree shape and the flower or fruit for each of the four trees. Back in the classroom, the children looked through magnifying glasses at tree cuttings that Kate had brought in, and completed and labelled their drawings. Later, some of the children did bark rubbings to compare the textures of the barks.

 As well as being beautifully shot, the photographs are accessible by children so that they can easily relate them to what they see on the tree, and what to look out for next.

Mrs Whiteside says, “It was a large group, but the children were engaged throughout and enjoyed the learning experience. It was a successful session that I will repeat and share with other classes. And I enjoyed finding out so much about our school’s trees!”

To see the inside pages of one of the books, Arthur and Annie Ash, click here.


10 trees in the set: ash, beech, birch, crabapple, hawthorn, holly, horsechestnut, larch, lime, oak.

Each set comes in a robust box with an A3 tree-identification chart.

Special price for schools: £18 for the boxed set (£1.80 per book) + £2.80 for postage and packaging.


Hello Trees box

Boxed set of 10 Hello Trees books for schools

+ A3 tree-identification chart

or request a set with invoice for payment within 28 days: email sales@tree-talk.co.uk

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