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larch'Hello Trees'

Little books about trees for young children.

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'The Remarkable Trees of St Albans'

This publication tells the fascinating stories behind the wonderful trees of St Albans: how they came to be there, which are our favourites, and what we can do to ensure that future generations have trees as remarkable as the ones we inherited.

The superb main photographs were taken by Donato Cinicolo, hedge layer and professional photographer and graphic designer.

The book is now sold out but copies are available from Hertfordshire County Libraries.

 If you would like the book to be re-printed, please email me to say so: kate@walk-talk.co.uk


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Since the publication of The Remarkable Trees of St Albans, people have been telling me


more about our trees and sending in interesting photographs.


These are collected on the tree blog.







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Would your organisation welcome an illustrated talk on trees, or a guided walk round a park?


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